Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

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Opis Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

▶ Features

• Transfer any file type without altering the original

• All you need is a one-time 6-digit key for an easy file transfer

• Wi-Fi Direct: transfer without using data or the Internet

• Easy link sharing via all Social Media and Messenger Apps

• Reinforced file encryption (256-bit)

▶ When to use Send Anywhere!

• When moving photos, videos, and music to your PC!

• When you need to send large files but you do not have mobile data or you have difficulty connecting to the internet

• Anytime you want to send files in an instant!

* While using the application if an issue or error arises, please let us know by clicking “Send Feedback” under Settings


APK File

• The copyright of applications sent through Send Anywhere belong to the application’s developer. If sharing an APK file conflicts with current copyright laws then all responsibility falls upon the user.

• Typically, you will not be able to share APK files between OS and Android. First check with application’s developer before cross-platform transfers.

Video Files

• Depending on the video type received, the video may not be pushed into the phone’s gallery. In this case, using a file management application will play the video.

• If you can’t play the videos received, download a different video player that is compatible with the video format.


To best use Send Anywhere’s convenient file sharing service, we ask user’s permissions listed below

• Write External Storage : To store files that are received through Send Anywhere in external storage (SD Card).

• Read External Storage : To send files stored in external storage through Send Anywhere.

• Record Audio : To recognize a sound wave and receive files.

• Get Accounts : To set default profile name when using Send Anywhere for the first time.

• Read Contacts : To send contacts stored in your phone.

• Camera : For being able to receive files via a QR Code.

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Wersja APK 8.10.5
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Deweloper ESTmob Inc.

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